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Featured Teams

BIM Academy

BIM Academy combines industry experience and academic knowledge to create a centre of excellence in Building Information Modelling (BIM). Our team includes design and construction professionals, senior academics, research graduates and technologists experienced in the practical application of BIM.
Team Members
BIM Academy
Ryder Architecture
Others TBC


BIM In A Box

Team Members


BIM Unlimited

BIM Unlimited Team Logo.png
Team Members
Martyn Horne


Collaborate ANZ

Team Members
Chris Tate



Team Members
Ravi Karan
Mark Yuen
Erik Lundberg
Chris Thomson




Team CUSP is a multidisciplinary global team comprising a number of specialist businesses and consultants coming together through BIM procedures to provide a unified approach to problem solving and to have a bit of fun trying new collaboration techniques!

Each business is renowned in their own field, and together the team has expertise in every part of the construction process.

Team Members
Robin Davis - Architect Bristol
Gareth Mason – Architect Bristol
Lucy Ashton-Griffin – Architectural Assistant Bristol
Patrick Gillis – BIM Support Bristol
Paul Bailey – BIM Support Bristol
Steve Rayner – Engineering Winchester
David Symonds- Structures Winchester
Chris Puttick -Building Physics Consultant London
Bernadette Lord - Cost Consultant Bolton
David Teddridge – Quantity Surveyor. Bolton
Steve Paxton – Project Management Tewkesbury
Ben Cox – Programming Tewkesbury
Danny Yang – BIM Modelling, Hong Kong


Feedback Infra

Team Members
Vivek Agrawal
Sanjay Mandal
Siddhartha mahato
Vineet kumar
Aritra Sarbajna
Pankaj Kumar
MA Rehman
Tanweer Hussain


Hi-sho, the chilipeppers

Hi-sho, the chillipeppers
 Designing beyond BIM
Team Members
Yasuo Ichii
Tatsuji Kimura
Keisuke Fujiwara
Shun Takayama
Rentaro Hashimoto



Team Members
Barry Orr


Niven Architects – Darlington UK

Team Niven is a collection of award winning industry leading construction professionals. Pushing the Boundaries of Design and BIM through Architecture and University Based Research
Team Members
Niven Architects – Architectural Design Johnathan Munkley, James Anderson, Marc Warren, Tamsin Christianson, Christian Cooling
Cundalls – Structural Andrew Snowball, Sujay Kumar
Cundalls - Mechanical and Electrical
Teesside University  - Interior Designer (undergraduates)  James Sidney, Kin Ma, Jezra Blastique, Jamie Bishop, Michael Mcavoy, Stephanie Brown
Spatial Designers – Interior Design Penelope Tiffney
Summers Inman – Project Management / 4D Scheduling / QS David Straughan , Trevor Trainor
Realis3D - Visualisation Daniel Learmonth, Louis Macan, Musaab Garghouti, Nick Palfrey, Daniel Stringer
Shepherds Construction - Project Coordination / Clash Detection   Martin Wing
RAPID 5D - BIM Consultant


RIB Software

RIB ProjectCentre - Very Small.jpg
Team Members
Ian Watt


Rice Daubney + Obayashi Corporation

Rice Daubney + Obayashi Corporation_logo.png
Team Members
Bruce Walker, Rice Daubney
Stefano Cottini, Rice Daubney
Emilie Hustaix, Rice Daubney
Jonathan Lindsay, Rice Daubney
Paul Brodala, Rice Daubney
Stuart Aslett, Rice Daubney
Elizabeth Clark, Rice Daubney
Stephan Langella, Rice Daubney
Brendon Reid, Rice Daubney
Mehdi Blanchard, Rice Daubney
David Austin, Rice Daubney
Jun Nakajima, Obayashi Corporation
Tetsumi Watanabe, Obayashi Corporation
Makoto Yakiyama, Obayashi Corporation
Yuki Takahashi, Obayashi Corporation
Eiko Nakazawa, Obayashi Corporation
Tetsu Kondo, Obayashi Corporation



Team Members
Aryan Sharifi
Smriti Dhungel
Andrew Dwight
Adam Perring
Grant Ogg



Team Members
Leo Rieswijk
Dragan Zdravkovic
Bran Mihai
Moustafa El-Shindidy
Michael Scarmack
Apollo Spiliotis


Sweett India


Sweett Group is a well distinguished and reputable group known for its Project Management, Quantity Surveying & Cost Management services around the globe and is public listed in UK. Our service deliver model is to use “International Best Practices and Systems and deliver it through experienced local expertise. We Have introduced BIM Department to our group in India.

Team Members

Asim Zafar

Anwar Iqbal
Vibhu Sankhyan
Gaurav Singh


The Builder

Team Members
Frank Konig


Virtual Construction Pty Ltd

Team Members
Luke Gunson



Team Members
Aigars Kanders
Ieva Mileika
Andris Tomsons
Liva Tomsone
Kristaps Mikelsons
Edgars Mucenieks